06.26.03 . 9:31 p.m.
449: old cameras in old boxes in dusty closets

..im extremely happy! standing on a small wooden chair in the bedroom closet, going thru old boxes full of anne sexton books and old postcards, i found my very first camera.

it's the one that never left my side when i was 13-17. its just an old Nikon and the camera bag had two finished rolls in it, batteries strewed about and little plastic bags full of lens wipes, one bigger zoom lens, and the detachable flash that is larger than the camera itself, only the battery cover for the flash is missing, so i'll have to get the right sized batteries for it, and cover it with tape so they stay put.

it takes really great pictures, too! so i cant wait to tinker around with it a bit.

maybe soon i'll have some really great photos to post!


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