07.15.03 . 10:19 a.m.
i'd like to thank you

my gold membership is up, and i dont have a credit card...and this past week has made me realize that this diary keepin' bidness is just a little trivial.

ive slacked off in writing with pillow-wept.

with real writing.

i dont say things anymore in ways that matter and the fact that i let *that* bother me, bothers me.


this past week has opened my eyes to a world that is entirely different than how its ever been & i loved that.

and id like to know that more & more & more.

and this only gets in the way of whats real.

its been fun here, and its been cool...but i just dont 'feel' it anymore.

im to vague & abstract here ... and id like for my life to remain little more personal instead of sharing it with the rest of the world.

id like for things to remain sacred..and i feel when they are voiced out like this, they lose their sense of reality and importance.

i'm still around ... my email is always checked ... for the friends that ive made here, please email me, as id like to stay in touch. ie: christina, wes, jason, angie, jackie, etc.

your packages are on their ways (as ive been slacking off terribly, and for that im sorry) & i hope to hear from you soon.

i'll also still be posting photos on my photo gallery link (look to the right) ... ive got a bunch of new ones im going to be uploading over the next weeks, so if youre interested, just check that.


there is beauty in life.


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