10.05.04 . 10:28 a.m.
no offense directly. ok, maybe some

now, here is where i get all controversial & stuff.

while logging onto diaryland a moment ago, i saw a banner that said "Im voting for Bush.... Deal!" and it had a picture of a man (jesus, i guess) carrying the cross.
i clicked on it, to see what that was all about :

now, i respect everyones right to choice/religion/everything else.... but i am so sick & tired of christians, the kind that think everything else outside of their narrowed beliefs, are wrong.
i am also sick of hypocrites, and people preaching about gay marriages, too. because you know what people? regardless of if you want them to get married or not, theyre still having sex, and theyre still doing dirty, nasty things behind closed doors, and hell, maybe even in public places, like you and your boyfriend or husband or girlfriend or wife do on a "risque" weekend getaway. or at the mall.
and you know what else? do you know what gay rights equal?
EQUAL RIGHTS. which should be for every living soul in this god-foresaken country. the country that preaches so much about freedom of choice and religion, yet christian fundamentalists run this damn thing, and make it harder & harder for anyone to have freedom at all!
bush isnt the root of evil, no no, that root grows a lot deeper than he will ever go, but at least with getting this redneck, lying SOB out of office, we can start to make this place a little more respected, and a little less frightening. if you want to "fight the war on terror", start with the man who caused all of the goddamn fear in the first place!
attacking the wrong country, who had nothing to do with 9/11 & calling that the place to fight terror, was sort of a bad thing to do, dont you think?
lying to the american people every chance he gets, about "mass weapons of distruction" is also something that, lets face it, isnt exactly the greatest, most noble thing. and you know what? when clinton had sex with some stupid woman, he had to apologize to the country, and he could have been impeached for lying on the stand about it. HE HAD SEX, FOR CHRISTSAKE! he didnt lie to the american people about FUCKING WEAPONS!
and bush has yet to apologize.
if he was so set on "protecting the american people", we would be all over korea, who actually HAVE "weapons of mass distruction". but wait, theres no oil there, so scratch that.

i understand christian people want to vote for someone who stands for, what, two issues they might be for, like making abortion illegal, and the whole gay rights thing....but think outside of your little shell, and think about the better of the american people, and think about what it actually MEANS to be "american" in the first place. think about this whole facade the war has created with the nation, with your supportive stickers on your SUV, and your yellow ribbons ... think about the one thing you were told we were protecting ... freedom.

it may just all be an allusion anyways, this whole "freedom" thing, but really, its the only illusion i believe in.


thats my rant on this whole thing.


addendum: i just want to point out, for a friend who may be reading this, that i, in no way, have a problem with anyones beliefs, because i realize religion is a very important thing to a lot of people (80% of america, or so), and i realize it is a very private thing .. but when it comes to politics and your beliefs being why you vote or dont vote for someone, i think it is entirely selfish. because lets face it, there are people out there who do not believe in god, or christianity, and there are a lot of people who dont want that to be a determining factor for the person who runs the country that they call home. our government, as it states in the constitution, should not mix church & state. because, when the american population, everyone in its entirety, is talked about ... it should be very unbiased, and very beneficial to everyone, not just targeted to one group of people. that is all.

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