01.20.03 . 9:55 a.m.
14: dull sound

monday mornings never proved to suck more.

i took a sleeping "aid" last night, and this morning found me to be weary, groggy, slightly unrested and a little unhappy.

im still investigating whether or not this has anything to do with the "aid" or the mere fact that it is monday morning....

either way. hi.

its been a slow weekend for me. i havent had anything to say to anyone really. even those dearest to me.

the weather was beautiful yesterday. (sorry Jason...)

it was 63 degrees and sunny and the sky appeared flawless. absolutely beautiful.

driving with the windows down was an absolute must.

i fell in love over the weekend. i guess this is "news". yes. his name is Hugh. he has a lovely british accent which is sure to make any sane woman want to slide her panties right off, and he has brilliant blue eyes. oh yes, and did i mention, hes an actor. oh yes. hes an actor. mmHmm. he even dated elizabeth hurley! crazy, heh?

(move over Paul Rudd...youve been replaced)

i dont have to much to say....except i think im catching a cold.


[music: you were the dull sound of sharp math when you were alive]

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