01.22.03 . 9:54 a.m.
24: let a girl bitch, wont ya?

if i were asked to give a percentage of the people i dislike here in my office...i would have to say...oh, i dunno.... 85% of them i dislike.

oh well alright. you got me. thats a lie. i mean how could i possibly hate 85% of the people here....

silly me..its gotta be at LEAST 93%.

jeez. what WAS i thinking?


in other news: i have abandoned the habit of waking up at 5am. i am now a steady 6am kinda person.


i have a desperate need to watch all of the Last Temptation of Christ.


i am sick and tired of not dreaming when i sleep. instead, i just lay there. it feels sort of like rest..only im not quite sure it is.


i do not, i repeat, DO NOT want to go to abiline this weekend.


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