01.23.03 . 1:48 p.m.
30: cube-insanity

...i am the kind of person, when at work, i like to do the bare minimum. occasionally, i will get a kick of energy, and wont mind going the extra mile. but in most cases, no. i dont want to take on extra responsibilities...i dont want to know every aspect of the department in which i work. i just dont care to know.

so...since they trained me on how to do something so severely complex, i now have to do that PLUS the other SHIT that i already do during the day.

and i have all of these print - outs of the "how-to" aspect of doing "new-task"...and it can basically just suck my tit, because i DONT WANT TO DO IT.

yes. im lazy. sue me.

they dont pay me enough to take on extra tasks.


-the laziest employee EVER!

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