02.13.03 . 10:17 a.m.
69: the media is our friend.

i dont like talking politics with people. but i will say a few things because im full to the brim:

(not to mention sick and tired of idiots around my office babbling about things they know nothing about)


1: people are NOT jealous of the US because we are "free".

2: no one that we are bombing and trying to kill off is actually scared. youd think we would know this after the 9/11 incident. for every one person we kill, there will be 12 to stand up and be willing to die just as fast.

3: Hassain broke an "agreement" so we're pissed? hmm....call me insane, but dont we break an agreement every twenty two seconds?

4: the 9/11 incident occurred for a reason. it has nothing to do with our freedom. it has nothing to do with them being "insane". it has nothing to do with the Muslim religion.

it has everything to do with the fact that US dictate everyone they can, and are constantly opressing people in other countries.

5: this country is led by war-mongers and they should learn by now that war will solve absolutely NOTHING

6: we won our freedom by fucking terrorizing and fighting until we were no longer opressed...do you think if we bomb and kill Osama or any other "face" that we can slap on an issue, that will solve something?

we'll make that person a martyr and there will be someone else to play the roll

7: i hate our country.

8: we will self-destruct from the inside out in ten years tops.

9: i hate the media, too

10: more than anything, i hate that our local news has "special reports" on how you should all go out and buy duct tape and seal off your doors and windows....

hmm....hope your air vents are secure too. oh, what about when it contaminates the water?


IDIOTS. im sick of "the war on terror"

im sick of shit slogans.

im sick of shit politicians who are so corrupt with power.

im sick of this entire country.

im sick of the idiots buying american flag stickers.

im sick of bumper stickers and phrases written on dusty pick up trucks like "ATTACK IRAQ"

what we get, we fully, whole heartedly deserve.

that is all i will ever, ever say about this issue.


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