03.06.03 . 9:26 a.m.
107: just another manic thursday?

..well since im not special enough to have a gold membership..ive had to wait until NOW to post a godDAMN entry..


i slept for twelve solid hours last night. that's right, folks...twelve hours. i was planning on taking a thirty minute nap...and then i wake up and its nearly 2 am and im still in the clothes i wore from work? after that point, i woke up every half hour and lookd at the clock. i was ready to just get up and sit around and watch tv or something at around 4am.

today ... proves to be pointless. im in a so/so mood. the suns FINALLY pouring thru the windows here in the office, but theres nothing i can do about it. im stuck behind this screen for another 7 hours.

all in all....i'd really just like to leave, take the car and go for a drive listening to really great tunes.

instead -- i'll just entertain the thought.


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