05.09.03 . 10:06 a.m.
317: sawdust & fireworks

i work in a building that has only two floors.

im on the bottom.

in the coming months, we're going to move upstairs. we're expanding, shall i say.

so all of this week, there have been men working on the top floor to build stuff, install stuff, do whateverstuff they need to do for us folks.

all week long, ive heard nothing but sawing, hammering, and loud bangs. and its right above our area of the office. its driving me nuts!

i can hear it over my boyfriend Jack White's voice...even my headphones on "high" doesnt drown out the sound.

however, i dont know what they could possibly be doing up there, because the company that was up there prior to all of this ..its not like they were sitting on sawdust and working on plastic tables. there are desks up there, and carpet, and everything we would need.

i think the men are up there just jumping on the ground and shooting off fireworks.

sounds logical to ME.


it's friday. right?

please say it is......


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