08.17.04 . 3:32 p.m.
my fucking name is

so, i no longer work at the previous mentioned company: Sage Telecom. they can suck it!

i work at a lovely little media promotions company. i quit Sage on january 9th, two days after my birthday.

i was jobless for five months, had a nervous breakdown, went to london for a month, moved, slept in my car, had "issues", loved, and been loved, and i am here. and i am happy.

no more nazi job, no more retarded people in my fucking face ALL day long.

its just good.

before? i had to sneak to update this little thing, now, its full screened, and ready to fucking GO!

i have windows, and im not in a cube, and i can wear JEANS every day, and holy jeans, at that! whaddya know!

it feels weird writing in this form..its been so long since ive kept a "diary" like this, i think i might forget how this all works.



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