09.08.04 . 1:12 p.m.
can i just number these things again?

im very sure everyone missed my absence.


i have been listening to the pixies like mad, as if i was 13 years old again! if i dont make it to ACL next weekend, i might hang myself.

ive already been bidding on wilco tickets for the dallas show on ebay like mad, if my friend PAB (punk ass bitch) isnt able to get me tickets. theyre playing at ACL on sunday .. and here on friday, and even though ACL starts that friday, im only really missing broken social scene. ryan adams can suck it. because: WILCO = Jeff Tweedy and Jeff Tweedy = my fucking heart!

i am so dramatic.

buy me buttons!

my paypal is broken!


i have discovered the trick to cheap lunches. because no, as most of you may think, it is NOT just buying groceries, because i can eat that shit in like a day flat. just give me a couple of hours and really good programs on the telie...

the trick is, go to albertsons or kroger, or any other local grocery store, buy a fresh made daily sandwich (i prefer the veggie ones with avacado & cheese & other goodies), and a 1lb. bag of grapes (or your fruit preference), and there you go. the fruit lasts a couple of days, but the sandwich, you have to go every day, becasuse theyre fresh, but its only 1.80 and bam! cheap lunch all week!

i need a hobby.


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