09.13.04 . 4:30 p.m.
im really not a drunk

i get so bored with typing sometimes.


this weekend was seriously insane.... thursday night, some friends of mine, and myself, went out to this pub called the Londoner. its a nice little place. very pub-esque. got drunk. and ate in the taco cabana parking lot, well after 3am, and then my friend PAB had to take a piss behind the bushes, i tried to take a picture of it, but he caught on.

friday night, went out to the usual bar ive been going to for ages now, and met up with all of the "crew". nicole, johnny, cameron, clint, pab, frank .. etc ... had many shots, many beers, many everything. rock star kareoke (sp?) was going on in the downstairs room. full band, a book of songs, you pick the song you want to sing. no machine bullshit. straight up rock n roll style. cameron, the ham that he is, did Gay Bar, and rocked the fuck out of that mic, and we all danced and did rock star poses, i think i even dropped to my knees and simulated a sexual move, im not sure. things are pretty hazy. but beautiful. sometime later, i heard the opening part of the violent femmes 'blister in the sun' and i immediately jumped on stage. drunk tiffanie = shameless.

the bartender preston was singing, and i was supposed to do backups, but ended up singing the whole thing. beautiful.

after that, i was completely shameless, and exhillerated, and pab talked me into doing a song solo, but i made an agreement, that if he bought me another beer (hmm) that i would do it, only if he sang back up.

he agreed.

we picked a song, and got up on stage, and rocked the fuck out to I Wanna Be Sedated, where i actually DID simulate sex with the mic stand, and did a billy idol leg shake thing, hand in the air, rock style, and people were dancing, and it was fucking ON!

cameron did gay bar ... again ... and we all sang along.

we finished it off, with all of us singing cheap trick 'surrender' in which i forgot all of the words too mostly, except the chorus...it was a beautiful night.

ending about 4am.

saturday was full of pain and hangovers and naps, and saturday night, we were back at it.

we went to the same bar. its sad when you go to a place so much where you are on a serious first name basis with ALL of the bartenders AND the owners, and one of your friends, actually has his own little name plaque at his spot at the bar. seriously. way to go douglas! we ended up going to a friend of camerons, his band mates house, and there was a serious house party with well over 150 people, and some kegs (yuck) and a dance party room (a diy one, at that) and it was gorgeous.

there are many pictures .... check out my other diary for those, i have some from the house party, i just need to get them uploaded & what not...

i am lazy, and i think still a little hungover. my voice, however, is definately shot!

rock n roll.


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